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Providing Resources

Our clients are the stewards of the tax dollars paid by their constituents.  At Locklear, we share in this responsibility and we understand the need to stretch every tax dollar to meet the needs of the people.

Frequently, transforming a great project concept into a reality requires alternate funding.  Funding provided by state and federal agencies is typically distributed on a competitive basis.  This means each municipality must expend considerable resources to follow, apply, and procure funding contracts from multiple agencies in order to have a chance to win funding.  Many municipalities simply do not have the resources necessary to win competitive grants. This is the void that the Locklear team fills for our clients.  We help find funding assistance to make your project a reality.

Funding Professionals

Our team of experts has the proven ability to identify, track, and procure grant funding.  It is critical to identify available grant funding opportunities in advance, often several years prior to the project start.  This requires a team that can not only identify the variety of local infrastructure needs but also the wide array of available funding mechanisms.

The Locklear team includes engineers and scientists as well as experienced grant writing staff.  We internally identify and track available funding opportunities.  In addition to preparing winning applications, we also assist our clients in leveraging political partnerships with neighboring municipalities to procure larger scale funding.

Locklear also understands the need to complete grant-funding projects on time and within budget in order to allow our clients to remain eligible for future funding cycles.   The creativity, expertise, and persistence of our team continue to be an invaluable asset to our clients.

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