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Planning for the Future

Operating in a vacuum can create long-ranging negative impacts. The execution of a project without planning for future impacts can create obstacles and significantly increase costs. The Locklear team looks beyond the needs of a single project.  We become an extension of our clients’ staff to help them make informed decisions for both the short and long-term.  

This involves master planning and budget development across multiple departments.  For example, 20-year planning decisions for transportation infrastructure can shape the commercial and residential development of an entire county.  Our team is involved in the multi-year planning process by providing technical input regarding infrastructure needs and costs, as well as by identifying potential funding mechanisms.  

Once an individual project is funded, our team meets with the client and appropriate stakeholders to develop a strategic project plan.  Each plan takes into account other concurrent projects, as well as anticipated future projects. Because many of clients have limited internal resources, they often look to Locklear to handle every aspect of the project.

It is our ability to “take the ball and run with it” that sets our team apart.

All-Encompassing Services

In addition to the typical engineering design aspects, this can include: procuring and overseeing contractors; communicating with multiple regulatory agencies; interfacing with the public; maintaining compliance with outside funding agency requirements; and communication with elected officials.

It is our ability to “take the ball and run with it” that sets our team apart.  This ability is critically important to the smaller communities in our area that lack in-house engineering staff.  They rely on our team to meet the needs of their citizens – which is a role we take great pride in performing every day.

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