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“Locklear & Associates has demonstrated the ability to complete tasks quickly and efficiently, which helps our organization stay on schedule and meet important deadlines.”
—Brian Kauffman, Madison County Coordinator

“I have personally witnessed John go toe to toe with representatives of one of the extremely tough State regulatory agencies to ensure that the City was treated fairly and that no unwarranted mandates were assigned.
—Phil Rhoden, City Manager for the City Of Macclenny

“Lisa gets the work done on time and on budget in every case.”
—Judi L. Scarborough, Grant Writer and Coordinator for The Arc of Alachua County

“Our project involved Operations, Solid Waste, Parks & Recreation, and Development Services and Environmental Management, and Lisa did a fantastic job keeping everyone informed and providing necessary project information in a timely manner.”
—Leigh Davis, MPA Director of Parks & Recreation for the Office of Resource Stewardship

“I am very pleased with Locklear & Associates for the quality of services and the cost-effectiveness they have provided us.”
–Robert Fletcher, Baker County Public Works Director

“It is my opinion that you will have to look long and hard to find any firm that will be as dedicated, thorough and effective for their customer as Locklear & Associates have been to the City of Macclenny.”
—Phil Rhoden, City Manager for the City Of Macclenny

“Walker Wrenn has been an important ally for us when considering purchases of vacant land.”
—Judi L. Scarborough, Grant Writer and Coordinator for The Arc of Alachua County

“Locklear & Associates is easy, professional, and fun to work with!”
—Dean L. Mimms, AICP Lead Planner for Planning & Development Services Department with the City of Gainesville, FL

“We enjoy working with Locklear & Associates. They are friendly, helpful, courteous, and competent. We couldn’t be happier.”
—Judi L. Scarborough, Executive Director for The Arc of Alachua County

“John and his team have been a huge asset to our company. They have been able to work with the regulators to help us get permits quickly and with permit conditions that don’t drive up our operational costs.”
—Daniel Dickert, President of Suwannee Lumber Company

210 SW 4th, Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601